How To Ink
How To Ink is a literal translation of the Chinese characters 凹凸印 (Ao Tú Yìn). It is inspired directly by the art of printmaking that works on a ying-and-yang principle, by utilising negative and positive moulds to produce certain impressions on paper.

The overall design direction takes cue from their artisanship and practices, creating everything handmade from their logo to their brand collaterals. The handmade materials were created in collaboration with How To Ink’s master craftsman, Stanley Cheah.
Logo Design

Many iterations of hand drawn logos were made to find the ideal form that exudes the energy and fluidity of the collective.
Handmade Business Cards

A business card is an essential marketing tool for any businesses. Using printmaking techniques How To Ink teaches at workshops to create their business cards, it immediately transforms into a powerful marketing tool and a great conversation starter to promote their workshops. The cards were handmade using recycled pulp paper.
Collective Stamp

How To Ink stamp was hand carved using linocut technique for use in any official documents or as a decorative stamp!
Craftsmen Apron

With thorough consideration of the craftsmen's daily work and habits, the apron is made out of denim fabric with an easy access to a pencil on the right breast holder. Hidden loops can be found in the apron's pocket, creating easy storage and organization of common tools while working. This durable fabric not only protects the wearer from paint and dust as they work, but also grows in character as it maps the craftsmen's habits and activities over time.

Apron Designed & Handmade by Ella Zheng.
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